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Eclipse Across America, August 21, 2017

stages of an eclipse

The Jacksonville Public Library has joined more than 1,000 libraries across the country to participate in the celestial event of the century, the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse. During this national event, the shadow of the moon will sweep across the United States in a narrow band from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean in a spectacle that hasn't occurred in decades. It is aptly named the Eclipse Across America. 

Jacksonville will see a partial eclipse with the Moon covering up only part of the Sun. The partial eclipse will begin on August 21, 2017 at 1:18 PM. The maximum eclipse in Jacksonville will be at 2:49 PM with about 90 percent of the sun covered. The eclipse will end at 4:13 PM.

Celebrate this historic event at one of our libraries, with fun, hands-on activities and expert speakers culminating in the eclipse event on August 21.  Join one of the Jacksonville’s Public Library’s events to celebrate the Eclipse Across America and receive a pair of free solar eclipse-viewing glasses while supplies last.

It is extremely dangerous to view the partial eclipse with your naked eye. Please use proper eclipse viewing glasses during this spectacular astronomical event.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses Update

  • JPL has reserved the limited supply of eclipse glasses received from a special grant and those generously donated by Jacksonville University for a series of eclipse education programs. Below is a full list of remaining programs, times and locations. There will be an eclipse viewing at the Main Library in the Betsy Lovett Courtyard on eclipse day.
  • You may wish to call ahead to see if they are giving out eclipse glasses at these programs. Supplies are limited.
  • If you are unable to obtain eclipse viewing glasses, visit the American Astronomical Society’s page on safely viewing the eclipse through a pinhole projection viewer you can make yourself (even without any materials—project it through your hands!).
  • If you do purchase or find any eclipse glasses, ensure they are certified safe. More information on this is available on NASA’s eclipse site.
  • We know that MOSH was selling the glasses, but now understand that they are sold out. We are unaware of any other place to obtain glasses at this time.


There are a few programs remaining at JPL where eclipse glasses will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Here's how we are giving them out.

1.    The line for each program will form 30 minutes before the program start time.

2.    Please respect the ages that the programs are intended for (e.g., adults will not be able to get glasses at a program intended for children ages 0-5 or children ages preschool-teen. The attending child(ren) will receive the glasses.).

3.    Each person in line will get a ticket or armband based on their place in line.

4.    Each person must attend the entire program.

5.    At the end of the program, the ticket or armband can be exchanged for a pair of eclipse glasses while supplies last.

6.    One pair of glasses per ticket/armband.

7.    All staff decisions are final.

We want everyone to have fun, learn about the eclipse and be prepared to enjoy the event. In lieu of glasses, many programs will include instructions or hands-on lessons on building a pinhole projection viewer. Please refrain from calling branches about glasses. Program listings including intended age ranges are below. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy the eclipse!

View a simulation from Google of how the eclipse will look in Jacksonville.

Learn more about the Eclipse from NASA.

Read about Solar Eclipses in one of the library's research databases.

The library also has books in its collection.

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