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Fight The Stigma: People Living With Depression


No matter who you are and what you are going through, there is someone out there battling a similar situation. Find comfort in company with these great reads about those battling and living with depression.

A Chef's Tour: Anthony Bourdain Reads


Anthony Bourdain was more than a cook. He was a cook turned writer turned travel host. Read his breakout book, Kitchen Confidential and pick up some books by fellow chef's he admired greatly.

Listen Up: Jacksonville Jazz Festival 2018

Jazz Festival logo

Get your dancing shoes on, it's Jacksonville Jazz Fest Weekend! Prepare for the 2018 Jacksonville Jazz Festival with the library's collection and stop into the Main library to explore the artists more and learn more about  the history of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.

5 Mysterious Jameses: Must Read Noir Detectives

Names aren’t destiny—unless you name your child John Wayne Gacy or Lizzie Borden. Which you shouldn’t. No matter what. In a strange coincidence of literary history, a lot of the darkest crime fiction has been written by guys named James."

Astonishing Legends: Top 10

Several of our staff have a giant nerd crush on the good people running the fabulous research-based podcast, Astonishing Legends. Find out what makes it to the top of Astonishing Legend's spookiest reading list!

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