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Edgar Allan Poe Day


Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809. Celebrate this remarkable literary figure with materials related to his life and works.

Appreciate a Dragon Day!


Appreciate a Dragon Day is held each year on January 16 to celebrate dragons in popular literature. It is observed by reading of books that feature dragons, and the celebration of dragons through art. This is a day to recognize all that dragons do to keep us reading! Celebrate dragons in literature by reading some of our best dragon-related materials:

New Year, New You!


Many people greet the new year with the optimism of change. Here are some book suggestions to help you achieve your resolutions for 2020!

Holiday Books for Children 2019


Happy Holidays, everyone! Here are some books to help children understand and explore diverse holiday celebrations from around the world. 

Holiday Books for Adults 2019


No matter what you're celebrating this season, there's something for everyone to read at the library. Get into the holiday spirit with some of our Readers' Advisory book suggestions!

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