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Board of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes - October 24, 2019

Main Library Conference Center, Multi-purpose Room

Jacksonville Public Library

303 North Laura Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202


Ronnie King II, Chair

Jill Langford Dame, Board Secretary

Carlo Fassi, Trustee

Mario Payne, Trustee

Celia Nass, Trustee

Guy K. Anderson, Trustee

Marc Hardesty, Trustee

Donald Horner III, Trustee

Matt Swanson, Trustee

Steven Eagerton, Trustee

Virginia Haworth, Trustee

Fernando Meza, Trustee


Tim Rogers, Library Director

Julie McNeil, Deputy Director for Public Services

Gretchen Mitchell, Deputy Director for Support Services

Ray Albury, Assistant Director for Facilities Management and Planning

Chuck McNeil, Assistant Director for Financial Services

Marshelle Berry, Region Manager, North Region

Lynn Jacobson, Systems and Technology Manager

Keli Likins, Region Manager, South Region

Lynne Baldwin, Region Manager, West Region

Tracy Pigott, Manager, Professional Development and Training Services

Richard Mott, Manager for Strategic Initiatives

Zoe Carr, Community Resource Manager



Others Present

Dr. Johnny Gaffney, Liaison to Boards and Commissions, Mayor’s Administration

Tia Leathers, Ex-Officio Trustee, Duval County Public Schools

Gerrie Ford-Hardin, assistant of Ex-Officio Trustee, City Council Member Terrance Freeman

Lawsikia Hodges, Office of General Counsel

Mike Steve, Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library

Ted Hornoi-Centerwall, Friends of the Mandarin Branch Library

Roxanne Henkle, Friends of the Willowbranch Library

Judy Klein, Friends of the Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library

Ferlandis Green, Friends of the Brentwood Library

Anthony Williams, Friends of the Brentwood Library

Sybil Ansbacher, Outgoing Trustee

Jackie Perry, Outgoing Trustee

Call to Order

Board Chair Ronnie King II called the meeting to order at approximately 12 noon.

Welcoming of Newcomers and Guests

Chair King welcomed to the board the four newly appointed trustees – Steve Eagerton, Virginia Haworth, Fernando Meza, and Matt Swanson.

Public Comment

No visitors requested the opportunity to address the Board.

Honors and Recognition

In honor of National Friends of the Library Week (October 20 – 26), Chair King and Library Director Tim Rogers presented a framed resolution to each of the Friends groups that serve the Jacksonville Public Library, recognizing their contributions both monetary and through volunteering and advocacy.

Chair King and Director Rogers also recognized the service of three outgoing board members, Sybil Ansbacher, Jackie Perry and Tim Anderson. A book will be added to the collection in the honor of each of them – Democracy, by Condoleeza Rice, was selected by Ms. Ansbacher, Found, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, was selected by Ms. Perry, and The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene, was selected by Tim Anderson.

Consent Agenda

The consent agenda was presented to the Board. It included:

  1. Board Meeting Minutes: August 22, 2019
  2. Monthly Financial Report: September 2019 (for month ending August 31, 2019)
  3. Monthly Financial Report: October 2019 (For Month Ending September 30, 2019)
  4. Holiday Closing Schedule 2020
  5. Reallocation of Board Trust Funds (Staff proposed moving funds that were no longer needed for the projects for which they were originally allocated into a general project fund, to which staff may submit proposals to the Senior Leadership Team. Projects approved by the Senior Leadership Team would be submitted to the BOLT for final approval.)
  6. Reallocation of State Aid Funds (See on Reallocation of Board Trust Funds above.)

Trustee Carlo Fassi moved to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. Trustee Jill Dame seconded the motion. Approved, unanimous consent.

Chair’s Report

Chair King updated the trustees on events of relevance to the Board. He called attention to the board calendar for FY 2020 board meetings. And he asked trustees to review the “Community Officials Contact List” provided in their binders in order to select which City Council Members (and other government officials) that they would like to take lead responsibility for keeping them informed of issues pertaining to the Library.

Director’s Report

Director Rogers presented his monthly report to the board, which was also provided in written form. He described the negative impact on the Library of the decision by Macmillan Publishers to restrict libraries from purchasing more than one copy of each new e-book for the first eight weeks after release.

Richard Mott, Manager for Strategic Initiatives gave a presentation on Savannah, a new data analytics platform recently acquired by the library.

Old Business – None

New Business

Trustee Fassi moved that a resolution approving the site selected by the mayor’s administration to build a new branch library in the northeast part of Jacksonville be passed. Trustee Payne seconded the motion.

After ex-officio trustee Tia Leathers pointed out that the phrase “new north” in the title of the resolution could be misconstrued, Trustee Marc Hardesty moved that the motion be amended to include the following re-wording of the title: “Resolution Approving Site of New Jacksonville Public Library.” Trustee Fassi seconded the motion. Amendment approved, unanimous consent.

The amended motion was approved, unanimous consent.

In order to allow for replacement of carpeting and shelving at the Bradham-Brooks Branch Library, Trustee Fassi moved to authorize to closure of the Bradham-Brooks Branch Library from December 30, 2019, until the project is complete. Trustee Hardesty seconded the motion. Trustee Dame proposed inserting the word “approximately” before the closure date to avoid the necessity of coming back to the board for approval if the date of closure required a change. Trustee Fassi rescinded his original motion. Trustee Dame moved to authorize the closure of the Bradham-Brooks Branch Library from approximately December 30, 2019, until the project is complete. Trustee Fassi seconded the motion. Approved, unanimous consent.

Trustee Fassi moved that the BOLT approve the continuation of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Grant for fiscal year 2020. The grant, in the amount of $18,653 (with an additional $12,692 in matching funds), is aimed at improving adult programming through training of program presenters and facilitators. Trustee Payne seconded the motion. Approved, by unanimous consent.

Mayor’s Office and Ex-Officio Reports

Ex-Officio Trustee Tia Leathers reported on the strength of the partnership between the library and the Duval County Public Schools with regard to the DCPS Parent Academy.

Committee Reports

Trustee Payne reported on the most recent meeting of the Finance Committee and Trustee Guy Anderson reported on the most recent meeting of the Capital Improvements Committee.

Chair King presented to the board the slate of officers approved by the Nominating Committee: Chair – Jill Dame; Vice Chair – Carlo Fassi; Secretary – Mario Payne; he opened the floor for other nominations.

Trustee Donnie Horner nominated Trustee Fassi as chair and Trustee Jill Dame as vice chair. Trustee Matt Swanson seconded the nomination. A discussion of the strengths of the two candidates ensued.

Trustee Fassi moved to approve Trustee Payne, who was unopposed, as Secretary. Trustee Payne seconded the motion. Approved by unanimous consent.

Chair King held a vote for chair by raise of hands. Trustee Fassi received eight votes; Trustee Dame received three votes.

Trustee Fassi nominated Trustee Dame as Vice Chair. Trustee Hardesty seconded the nomination. Trustee Dame declined the nomination. No vice chair was elected.

Friends’ Reports

Judy Klein of the Friends of the Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library, Roxanne Henkle of the Friends of the Willowbranch Library, and Fernandis Green of the Friends of the Brentwood Library each discussed the recent work and upcoming events of their organizations.

Public Comment

No visitors requested the opportunity to address the board.


Prior to adjournment, on the occasion of the last meeting to be chaired by Ronnie King, Trustee Hardesty made a statement of recognition for the excellent leadership of chair King during his years as chair, which was met with acclamation by those present.

The meeting was adjourned.

Jacksonville Public Library