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Board of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes - August 22, 2019

Main Library Conference Center, Multi-Purpose Room

Jacksonville Public Library

303 North Laura Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202


Call to Order

Board Chair Ronnie King II called the meeting to order at approximately 12:05PM.

Introduction of Newcomers and Guests

No guests rose to speak.

Public Comment

No visitors commented.

Honors and Recognition

Chair King and Library Director Tim Rogers announced Marcie O’Dell as Jacksonville Public Library’s Employee of the Quarter for her work on children’s activities. Also recognized for meritorious service were employees Joel Thorbs, Kim Bennett, Jason Brown, Troy Eittreim, Joe Gaskin, Lauren Lazzar, Margaret Morford, Passhunate Payams, Greg Pierce, Christina Pope, Neressa Posey, Alison Pulley, Carolyn Redmond, Ryan Reid, and Kat Simi.

Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda of August 22, 2019 was presented to the Board. It included:

  1. Board Meeting Minutes: July 18, 2019,
  2. Monthly Financial Report: August 2019 (for month ending July 31, 2019),
  3. Authorization to Open Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library (by leaving the location open for an after-hours Halloween community event),
  4. Policy Revisions: Circulation Policy (creating uniform thresholds for the amount of materials customers can check out at once, making fines for overdue DVD’s uniform with those for other items, and rescinding the ability of customers to receive a refund for found materials that previously were lost and paid for),
  5. FY 2020 State Aid Budget,
  6. FY 2020 Foundation Budget,
  7. FY 2019 General Fund: Reallocations.

Trustee Jill Dame moved to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.

Trustee Sybil Ansbacher seconded the motion. Approved, unanimous consent.

Chair’s Report

Chair King updated trustees on events of relevance to the Board. 

Director’s Report

Director Rogers presented his monthly report to the Board, which was also provided in written form. He noted the nomination of four new trustees by the Mayor’s Administration.

Old Business – None

New Business – Authorization to Close Highlands Regional Library for HVAC Repairs

In order to allow HVAC maintenance at the Highlands Regional Library,

Trustee Carlo Fassi moved to authorize closure of the Highlands Regional Library from August 26, 2019 until repairs are complete.

Trustee Jackie Perry second the motion. Approved, unanimous consent.

Mayor’s Office and Ex-Officio Reports

Dr. Johnny Gaffney of the Mayor’s Administration and Reagan Copeland of Duval County Public Schools reported on their areas of activity.

Committee Reports

Trustee Jill Dame reported on the most recent meeting of the Governance Committee and Trustee Sybil Ansbacher on the current work of the Library Foundation.


Margaret Smith of the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library, Jeannette Ali of the Friends of the Brentwood Branch Library, Judy Klein and Nancy Beecher of the Friends of the Murray Hill Branch Library, and Ms. Celia Miller discussed the recent work of their organizations.

Public Comment

No visitors commented.


The meeting was adjourned.

Jacksonville Public Library