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Books and Boos

“Trick or Treat!” While not usually a phrase often heard at a public library, we make an exception for the participants of the yearly Trick or Treat on the Street event hosted by Downtown Vision! This year Trick or Treat participants were able to do a building wide scavenger hunt where kids had to find answers to commonly asked library questions. After completing the scavenger hunt they were able to choose a small prize, a book, or a piece of candy. Our staff definitely dressed to impress.

NEA Big Read

We've just announced the annual JaxReads! program, and we can't wait to share it with you! JaxReads! is a community reading opportunity where everyone in Jacksonville is invited to participate in reading the same book. It's designed to spark community discussion of the book’s themes, and here is your formal invitation to join the conversation! 

You like us, you really like us!

Robot wars, GED graduates, 3-D printer services, just a few reasons why we've been named the 2017 Library of the Year by Florida Library Association! Among 800 libraries in Florida, including public, academic, special and school libraries, we are thrilled to be recognized among the best and we can't wait to share this news with our community. In fact, the award recognizes the particular work that libraries do in the community it serves. This award comes right on the heels of the American Library Association’s announcement that JPL Director Barbara Gubbin earned the 2017 Ernest A.

City Budget Cuts Mean Reduced Services

UPDATE: Click here to read an update on city budget cuts, including revised figures from the Sept. 6 emergency session of the Board of Library Trustees.

The City Council Finance Committee approved a motion on Aug. 25 that the Jacksonville Public Library’s budget be reduced by $2.1 million, in addition to the $906,000 reduction already planned for next budget year. The motion by Committee Chair Richard Clark would close all libraries one day per week.  

More than just books!

Check out this post from a local realtor who found out recently just how much she values the library!

Today I showed property at 10am, and then had to get a contract inked by my buyer. Now, with the iPad, I can do so much more than I can, but since I don't have a portable printer (at least, not yet), when I had to print this morning 20 miles from my office, I opted for the Jacksonville Public Library. They have PC's and printers, and at 10 cents a page, it was a deal.

Jokes promote reading? Wait, are you joking?

 By Anita Haller, Children’s Services senior librarian at Southeast Regional Library

Why did the singer climb the ladder?  Because she wanted to reach the high notes.

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