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Who is Kesha?

Names. They tell the story of our existence without ever uttering a word. You are given one before you can say or spell it. They give us pride. They are passed down to us. My husband is the third. You may be named for someone close to you, most often your parents. Our names are personal. We wear them around our necks, get tattoos of lovers or lost ones. We are named for our heroes - an aspiration for our children. Your last name shows generations of those who were able to survive and continue their lineage.

Your name is your introduction to the world.

Donor Spotlight: At Home in the Grand Reading Room

Naming Opportunities
The Jacksonville Public Library Foundation provides naming opportunities at the library and strives to match philanthropic donors with projects representative of their values. To find out more about naming opportunities at Jacksonville Public Library, please contact the Jacksonville Public Library Foundation.

New Year, New App

Our new Jacksonville Public Library App has arrived and we’re pretty excited to share it with you. The app takes ease of access to our materials and pushes it to the max. Find it in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store and start getting all the materials you love all in one place.

A Primer on State Aid

The Jacksonville Public Library depends greatly on funding through State Aid to Libraries, as well as associated federal funds, to serve the people of Duval County. We need your help to ensure these funds are appropriated in the upcoming legislative session.

Funding for FL Library Cooperatives Vetoed

Governor Rick Scott recently vetoed funding for Florida Library Cooperatives, including the NE Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN). NEFLIN provides cost-effective services to the Jacksonville Public Library, including valuable training for library staff. We encourage you to write to Governor Scott to voice your opposition to this veto. You can e-mail Governor Scott from his website.

Libraries helping libraries after Hurricane Sandy

Thanks to a donation by the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library, Orange Park resident Skot Wilson is helping a school library in his former hometown of Union Beach, NJ, rebuild after Hurricane Sandy with an essential supply item: books.  Check out more details on First Coast News.

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