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Library Budget Cut Less Than Expected; All Locations Open on Mondays

Thanks to the many library supporters who worked tirelessly on our behalf, the library’s
budget for the new fiscal year will be reduced less than expected. The Jacksonville City
Council voted Tuesday night to restore $1.7 million to our budget. That means:

The Rest of the Story

The Florida Times-Union published an article on Sept. 21 titled “Library down to last page in budget: Patrons could be final chance for system to avoid big cuts.” While it was accurate and we appreciate the Times-Union bringing the library’s budget crisis to the attention of readers, the figures in the accompanying chart were based on Fiscal Year 2009 data contained in the Capacity Plan Study by Godfrey’s Associates.

Significant Budget Cuts Impact All Locations Effective Oct. 1

The Jacksonville Public Library is facing significant budget cuts that will impact all library locations effective Oct. 1, 2011. The total cut to date comes to almost $3.5 million. It is important to understand how this figure came about, and what it means to you and our libraries.

Budget timeline:

Library Budget Cut Further

More Services to be Reduced; Jobs Eliminated

The Board of Library Trustees met in an emergency session Sept. 6 to meet a City Council Finance Committee mandated reduction in the operating budget of $476,266. The committee is requiring the budget cuts to pay for the library’s share of additional city pension costs.

Reluctantly and with strenuous opposition, the board submitted the following additional cuts:

City Budget Cuts Mean Reduced Services

UPDATE: Click here to read an update on city budget cuts, including revised figures from the Sept. 6 emergency session of the Board of Library Trustees.

The City Council Finance Committee approved a motion on Aug. 25 that the Jacksonville Public Library’s budget be reduced by $2.1 million, in addition to the $906,000 reduction already planned for next budget year. The motion by Committee Chair Richard Clark would close all libraries one day per week.  

A Primer on State Aid

The Jacksonville Public Library depends greatly on funding through State Aid to Libraries, as well as associated federal funds, to serve the people of Duval County. We need your help to ensure these funds are appropriated in the upcoming legislative session.

Small business resources - We've got them!

Some might not be aware of the resources the Jacksonville Public Library has available for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Main Library’s Business Reference Resources section, located on the second floor, contains business directories, marketing and advertising books, business reference books, business periodicals and more. OneSpark, a new online resource for Jacksonville entrepreneur, recently posted an article highlighting the JPL's business resources:

"The library is a priceless resource to me"

What role does the library play in your quality of life and personal enrichment?  How much money do you save by visiting the Jacksonville Public Library? Every day, customers and library visitors let us know how much JPL means to them and their families. Here's one testimonial from a library customer who used our Value Calculator to tabulate how much they would spend if they paid for our free programs and services:

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