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Executive Chef & Restaurateur Dennis Chan serves up support for My Favorite Cookbook

Jacksonville chefs play a big part in making My Favorite Cookbook a success. Chef Dennis Chan, owner of the Blue Bamboo and author of Hip Asian Comfort Food, is thrilled to participate again this year.

Tech News & Tips: Apps that keep digital books close at hand

Here at the library we are all about books, whether they are in our physical collection or are available digitally through our OverDrive and Axis 360 services. Sometimes, though, you may want to have access to a book for longer than the standard three-week checkout; maybe you have an old favorite you always want on hand. You might also have a document, perhaps a book you wrote yourself that you want on your device side-by-side with your other books.

Are You as Safe Online as You Think You Are?

As an E-Specialist with the library, I assist customers during our open lab program where they can receive help with downloading electronic media, figuring out a new device, and yes helping with lost passwords.

What You and Bill Gates Have In Common

Last week, Bill Gates sent out his top book picks for 2016. Investing in Microsoft is a win, but so is investing in your brain. If Bill Gates can read a book a week, then we know the rest of us mere mortals can read at least four each year!

March Staff Picks

Each month we have started to feature a series of books chosen by our fabulous staff. Once a week our literary mavens will be featured on our social media channels. At the end of every month we will combine them into one spot for you right here; that way you won’t miss a single book! These choices are some of their favorite books and authors, or reads they need to share with others.

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