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Impact of library cuts reviewed by board

The Board of Library Trustees held a budget workshop Monday to discuss in more detail the cuts facing the library. One of the biggest impacts of the cuts on customers will be the reduction in library hours: all libraries will be closed on Sundays and most will be closed on Mondays as well. Cuts also will mean fewer books and other materials, fewer programs and services and fewer staff able to help customers.

Has a book changed YOUR life?


Books are so powerful.

Watch and listen as Lisa Bu shares her unique approach to reading and how books helped her create a new life for herself.

Comment to let us know how books have changed your life!

A Look Back at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival posters on display at JPL Jazz Festival posters on display at JPL

Music @ Main Concert Series Returns with Season Opener

By Olga Bayer, Community Relations Specialist, Community Relations and Marketing

Max Huls Max Huls


Find The Sweet Spot @ the library!

Stephanie Evanovich-Credit Ron Rinaldi photo credit: Ron Rinaldi

Author Stephanie Evanovich

Talk & book signing

Friday, Oct. 17, 2 p.m.
Southeast Regional Library

Jacksonville Public Library