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Local Crime Fiction Author - Michael Wiley

Image representing the crime fiction author Michael Wiley at the Jacksonville Public Library

If you love the mystery and suspense of a gripping crime fiction novel, you must check out Michael Wiley. Dr. Wiley is a local author and literature professor at the University of North Florida. He sat down with us recently on our Completely Booked podcast to chat about his latest novel, Monument Road, and yes– that's the Monument Road here in the Arlington area of Jacksonville leading up to the once bustling and beloved Regency Mall.

Let the swashbuckling adventures begin!

Image representing Books and Buccaneers at the Jacksonville Public Library

Pirate lovers of all kinds take over the entire library! Frequently Arrgh-st Questions, pirate authors and historians, Pillagin’ Pirates with Eco Relics, treasure hunt for teens, pirate-themed storytimes for kids, Treasure Island movie, antique maps and refreshments.

Loyd Sandgren's Legacy

What will be your legacy month, legacy blog, Loyd Sandgren Photo Collection, Vintage Jacksonville

Going through a day-to-day routine, most of us don’t typically ponder the history of our own surroundings. And if we do, it can be hard to visualize what various elements of a city would have looked like during a time outside of our own existence. With photography, we get a little closer to achieving this feat. Seeing just one old image of a structure that still remains from the past can unlock a new understanding of a moment in time that would have otherwise been lost. When you consider what over 14,000 photos of a city spanning decades would reveal, history begins to unravel like twine.

This was the legacy of Loyd Sandgren.

Jacksonville Journal: Back to School Edition 1969

1969, Jacksonville Journal, Back to School, flared pants, vintage fashion


1969 - Flared pants, tape recorders, wispy hair styles, and so much more. Here's what the Jacksonville Journal: Back to School Edition looked like 50 years ago:

Book Lovers Day 2019

book covers for book lovers day

Fellow bibliophiles, August 9 is your day! Happy National Book Lovers Day!

Get Your Kids (and You!) Ready for Back to School

Back to School

It is hard to believe that August is here and our Summer learning Program is wrapping up. The end of summer marks the beginning of school and we all know that early education is a time of tremendous growth for children. 

To help parents and kids get back in the groove of a school routine, we sit down with Rebecca McNeil, an early educator at Riverside Presbyterian Day School, on our latest episode of Completely Booked to help inspire you to start the year off right. We cover the things to do, read and say to make this transition a confidence-building experience for both you and your child.

What Will Be Your Legacy?

What will be your legacy?

For Lewis Ansbacher, it was maps– rare, collectible, and antique ones. It started in the 1980s with an antique map gifted by his son. From there the fascination continued, resulting in a collection of more than 240 maps from around the world.

National Spider-Man Day!

National Spider Man Day

There were plenty of great movies released in 2018, but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was perhaps the most surprising; it had amazing animation, strong voice acting and complex characters. And Spider-people. So many Spider-people. While the critically and commercially acclaimed film was many people’s first introduction to the multi-dimensional cast of web-head heroes to bear the Spider-moniker, the Spider-Verse concept has been a pivotal part of Spider-Man’s mythology since 2014. In Spider-Verse, Marvel introduced hundreds of alternative versions of Spider-Man banding together to protect the mystical Web of Life and Destiny from the Inheritors, a family of vampiric creatures who feast on heroes connected to the web. This seminal comics event not only united Spider-Man across the multiverse, it also united all Spider-Man across all media. Every iteration of the wall-crawler, from Spider-Gwen to Spider-Ham, is now canon. 

An Inside Look at Congaree and Penn

Scott Meyer with a plant in a field

Most Jacksonville natives have at least heard of Congaree and Penn, whether you’ve seen their products in local grocery stores or on menus in independent restaurants. Aside from having fantastic produce and products, their farm is seriously swanky and their branding is gorgeous, which has helped them to expand their business exponentially over the years. We recently sat down with the owner of the farm, Scott Meyer, on the latest podcast episode of Completely Booked.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Inspired Reads

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood booklist image

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is full of tropes that take us back to 1969 Los Angeles. If you're longing for more content after watching the film that captures the essence of the '60s, we compiled a list including books about Sharon Tate, the Manson Family, the New Hollywood era, the counterculture movement, old westerns, the stuntman who inspired Cliff Booth's character in the film, and other titles that will take you back to this vibrant time in history:

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