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V-series Self-Check Machine

Please be aware that some locations in the systems have different models of machines. Some may have the desktop version of the self-check machine, while others may have the V-series model. The basic steps and requirements, however, remain the same:

  • Have your library card with you. You will need the card if you wish to use this service.
  • Scan your library card by placing it in the indicated location or passing it under the scanner.
  • Place items so that the barcode can be read by the checkout scanner, one at a time.
  • On some Desktop models, there may be a separate slot to insert a videocassette. Please note that those desktop models that do not have a separate slot for VHS tapes are not designed to check out this item type. Checking out videocassettes on these machines may accidentally corrupt or wipe the video tape.
  • For the V-series self-check machines, a 'tunnel' will be located near the machine. These are for use with DVDs or VHS tapes.
  • With all models of self-check, please follow the guidelines located at the self-check station.

If you run into difficulties, a staff member will be able to assist you, but please be aware that the following conditions will prevent utilization of this service:

  • If you do not have your card with you,
  • If you have fines/fees, or
  • If your library privilege has expired.

Jacksonville Public Library